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Adhesive and sealants for use in industry, medical, cosmetic and hobby sectors

The History of Sureloc adhesives and sealants

Sureloc manufacturers and formulates a wide range of adhesives including cyanoacrylate, anaerobic, structural and UV adhesives supplying into a variety of industries including automotive, industrial, medical, electronics, cosmetic and hobby markets. 

The Company employs highly qualified and experienced personnel who are dedicated to providing quality products and solutions with the highest level of customer service.

All products are manufactured under strict control, in accordance with Sure Adhesives Products QC system.

Sure Adhesive Products has achieved an excellent reputation with a high standard of service and product approval from many leading companies.

Sureloc has been supplying high quality adhesives into industry on a World Wide basis since 1992

Wide experience on supplying both bottled and bulk items at short notice to customer exact requirements.

sureloc adhesives